My Time at BeautyconNYC 2015! [recap]

October 20, 2015


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Here’s a quick run down of my first Beautycon experience from my outfit to the goodies! The look I was going for was something that was cute yet still comfortable but had a flair of “me’ in it. The night before, I actually drove 15 miles to the nearest Target location that had a pair of these booties I found online and the crazy thing is, I didn’t even end up wearing them for the whole time I was at the convention! Haha The entry line was sooooo long that by the time I got through the doors, my little toes were already on fire. Thankfully I was prepared and walked with my comfy and reliable gray Minnetonkas in my pocket book.
Leather Jacket — JC Penny
Denim Chambray — H&M
Stockings — Target
Gray Minnetonkas —
Earrings — Rocksbox
Chain — H&M
Navy Blue Handbag — Zara
Apple Watch Sport — Apple Store
Foundation — Lacone Teint Idole Ultra 24 in 550 Suede C
Nail Polish  —Butter London
Lippie — NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel
Canon EOS SL1
Eye-Fi SD Card

Now on to the all goodies! Some of these items were purchased with my own money and others were giveaways; which is one of my favorite words. 😉 
1.BFFboxThe funny thing about this box is that when I had first planned to attend Beautycon this year, I wasn’t expecting to receive anything! To make it simple let’s just say that I took too long to purchase a $29.99 General Admission ticket since it sold out before I got to it and had to settle for the General Admission + Summer BFF Box Pack which ran me about $69.99. Although I was a little upset I had to pay extra due to my tardiness, it was cool to know that I’d be receiving a goodie box with my ticket purchase. 



3.bffbox3The Summer BBF’s box contents included: 
Beautycon ‘Lips For Days’ Clear Bag
Beautician Gold Bars & Studs Earrings
Gold Ink & BFF Metallic Tattoos
Colour Pop ‘La La Super Shock’ Shadow
Beautycon ‘Lana’ Sunnies
Pure Vida Bracelet
Baby Lips Lip Balm’Quenched’
NYX Wicked Lippie – Betrayal
Crown Brush Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet
Beautycon ‘In Bloom’ Flower Crown
Eva NYC Surf Spray
Mr. Kate Gift Card
Maybelline Volum’ Express ‘The Colossal’ Waterproof Mascara


ardellashesThe last time I actually wore lashes was for my high school prom but have been recently inspired to experiment with them and possibly reintroduce the “glam look” into my make-up routine. Since I’m technically classified as a beginner I wanted to go for some simple and natural looking lashes to start off. On top of the lashes, I also purchased the Ardel lash applicator as well as some lash glue that dries black. Wish me luck!

6.EdenI have never purchased any items from the Eden Body Works line before but have always been interested in the Peppermint Tea Tree Oil since I’ve been dealing with a dry and itchy scalp lately. I have also heard many great reviews about their All Natural Cleansing CoWash from both naturals and chemically processed girls so I felt it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try myself. All three products smell amazing and I couldn’t walk away from a 50% off deal! In my mind that’s always the best chance to test out new products…when you’re not paying full price for them! haha

7.vincentlongoAt the Vincent Longo booth they were doing a giveaway where if you followed their social accounts and reposted their promotional content you can win a chance to receive free product. I definitely hopped on the opportunity and scored two items. Yes! On the left is their Trio Eyeshadow in Du Cap which I found to show a little chalky on my skin but will see how it applies over a primer. And to right is their Duo Lip Pencil in Wine/Rosewood. 

8.purPür’s giveaway stood out to me in many ways. Not only was the color of product beautiful and rich but its consistency was..”interesting”. Let me explain! The package comes with a flat, pointed silicone applicator and the eyeshadow polish is an iridescent, crease-proof shadow primer that can be used as an ultimate top coat layered on any eye look. It applies as a liquid but dries like a cream, Pretty awesome!

Have you ever experienced glitter lips? Like, full blown fairy glitter? ? At the Real Techniques booth I got to experience just that as the line of make-up artists were applying pink, silver and gold loose glitter to the lips of anybody who wanted. It wasn’t the greatest feeling thing BUT I got a free retractable lip brush after my consultation! Soon after I got out of the make-up chair I removed the glitter with a dry napkin and re-applied my NYX Intense Butter Gloss. 😉

You should have seen the line at NYX Booth! Not only was the line long but the booth was grande and spectacular so I can imagine why so many people were gravitating towards it. NYX was asking for booth visitors to share their hashtag via social and in return we’d get a NYX Butter Lipstick in select colors and a yummy popsicle in the flavor of your choice. I chose the pineapple which was super delicious!!

Not all exhibitors were giving away full-sized items but that was a-okay with me! I have never tried these products even though I am a fan of Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture so I was excited to get my hands on a few samples. <3

Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to sit and watch any of the panels or meet a few of my favorite YouTubers since I was crunching for time but luckily I overheard some of the speakers while they were on the main stage. I loved the overall vibe of Beautycon and had a great time. Maybe next year I’ll get to attend in a difference state to see how that is!

Have you ever attended Beautycon or any other beauty convention? If so, which one and what was your experience like? Sound off in the comments below!


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