My March Favorites

April 15, 2015

???My March Favorites???
I’m a little over due on this one but here are a few products—ranging from makeup to hair to skincare as well as some miscellaneousness that I’ve been raving over in the month of March.

1 [1] Brita Sport Water Bottle [2 pack]
This bad boy comes with me everywhere I go! Within the past few months I’ve been challenging myself to drink a lot more water and trying to eat healthier. Keyword, “trying”. haha! So instead of indulging in sugary drinks, I substitute them by drinking purified water straight out of my filtered bottle. These fairly soft squeeze water bottles come in a pack of two and can be purchased from Target, Walmart or even Only needing one bottle, I gave the blue one to my boyfriend and kept the cute lime green bottle for myself. They both come with brand new filters that are recommended to be replaced once every 3 months.

2[2] Sephora Collection’s Colorful Eyeshadow in – N° 34 Red Wine – Red Wine Matte
Only recently have I started getting serious about mastering the “perfect eyeshadow” look that compliments my face. I came across Sephora’s collection of eyeshadows while dibbling and dabbling one day afterwork and noticed this color. This Red Wine Matte works great as a blending color for our crease has been my go-to selection. On my complexion, this wine looks more like deep mauve,  which helps bring out the the color of my dark brown eyes. It works exceptionally great over an eyeshadow primer.

3[3] Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine in – 11 Beige Instinct – neutral creamy brown
3 words!…
• Creamy
• Nude
• Chic
The application is smooth and creamy. I love a nude lip and especially this one. It leaves a sheer yet shimmery finish to any pout. Also let me add that the casing of this tube is so sexy and chic!

4[4] Clarisonic’s Smart Profile Face and Body
Even though the Clarisonic Smart Profile was just on my “Make it Happen” wish list last month is has ALREADY made it to my March favorites. This is one powerful cleaning brush that gets down to the nitty gritty. I use the same cleanser I was using previously with my Mia1 and have noticed that the deep blackheads on my cheeks are diminishing and vanishing over time. It was a $plurge but can say I honestly have no regrets. I absolutely recommend but always suggest speaking to a dermatologist before trying any new or intense treatments on your skin.

5[5] Shea Moisture’s Community Commerce: Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Complex
I’ve been using this oil for about 2 months on my hair when it’s in a dry/flat-ironed state. Unlike the heavier castor and olive oils, this combination of the lighter sunflower seed, jojoba and coconut oils leave your hair soft and resilient. I prefer using it on my dry hair as my wet hair soaks it up to the point where I don’t even notice the difference.

[6] Sally Hansen’s Velvet Texture Nail Polish in – Lush
I have a blog post sitting in my drafts that’s dedicated to this line of nail polishes made by Sally Hansen that this March Favorite of mine comes from. Yea! That good! Although they’re only $7 a bottle, depending on where you purchase them, they feel like a high-end product. If you’re looking for a matte nail that will STAY matte, even after you dip your hands in a jar of coconut oil and wipe it away, this is one for you! A few months back I purchased Sephora’s Matte Top Coat thinking it would work great since I spent $ephora money on it and was left with slight disappointment. Even after applying it over my regular nail polish and letting it dry thoroughly, I was left with a semi-matte/satin finish. I ended up throwing it in my “polish drawer” and haven’t picked it up since then. The only downside to Sally Hansen’s Velvet Texture Nail Polishes is that it only comes in 8 colors that aren’t too fun and playful but believe me when I tell you this matte is matte!

7[7] Extra Long Spiral Curls Curlformers Kit
My Curlformers Spiral Curls Kit has been my go-to when I wash my hair and either don’t feel like blow-drying it or can’t deal with the tangles of air-drying.  I’ll admit it was a pain in the ass getting them installed when I first purchased it but over time have slowly mastered getting the in in a timely manner. Practice makes perfect! 😉 Although I still haven’t figured out how to get my curls to last overnight, it’s a still a way for me to dry and stretch my hair after washing and conditioning. Note: The extra long kit is extremely long for my hair but just think of it this way. It’s something you can grow into 😉 Literally!

8[8] First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
Last but not least, I use this cleanser mostly as a make-up remover. It’s a gentle formula, suitable for sensitive skin that does a great job at cleansing the skin, removing surface oils, make-up and grime. It never leaves my face feeling overly dry and has a faint smell that isn’t irritating or bothersome.


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