My Experience Re-Bleaching My Texlaxed Hair. 

February 26, 2015


As you may or may not have seen already, I gave in and re-colored my swoop. I’ve been down this road many times before in the past where I say “I’m never going to color my hair again”, but end up falling into temptation. Now, I know! I know! This definitely isn’t something you’d necessarily do if you’re on a serious healthy hair journey and you’re taking all measures to prevent any damage to your hair what-so-ever—but it’s something I really wanted done. I started reminiscing while browsing through a few #throwback photos in my phone’s album of when my swoop was lightened a few years back before I grew it out and colored over it with a jet black demi-permanent dye. I missed having that pop of color and wanted it back!

Here’s a little back history: I’ve been experimenting with semi, demi, & permanent dyes as well as harsh bleaches on my relaxed hair since I was around the age of 15 years old. I have learned what works for my hair and now understand the level of stress and abuse my hair can handle. I DO NOT advise you to try this on your own, especially without seeking advice from a licensed professional. Each individual’s DNA makeup is different from the next, so what may work for me may not work for you.

Ok! Back to the fun…. Following up to the actual “bleach-day” (dun dun dunnnnn!) I did a huge amount of research since this was my first time lifting demi-permanently dyed jet black hair. Last May (2014), I used Natural Instinct’s ammonia free hair color in jet black to darken my hair demi-permanently. I initially did it just for my graduation from grad school but noticed the color never faded away after the ”24 washes”. I believe this was due to my hair being extremely porous so the color just stood. Prior to this application, majority of my hair was a dark chocolate brown with frosted blonde tips here and there. Pretty much a mess in the process of growing out.

On to the day of this crazy/scary experience! It was a long & messy process but overall, I’m extremely happy with the end results. I was starting to lose confidence in my hair and needed to bring back that flair that I always admired when I had a splash of color on my head. Do know that my hair was in a healthy state and I wouldn’t have went ahead with the application if I knew I was dealing with extreme damage (ie. shedding, excessive dryness, brittleness, etc.)


So on Sunday 02.22.2015, I stopped at my local Beauty Supply Store and picked up Clairol’s Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightening: Blue, Clairol’s Soy4plex Pure White Creme Developer: Volume 10, ApHogee’s Keratin 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor, ApHogee’s Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner, Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mask Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque, a pair of sharp trimming scissors and a bottle of Tropic Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I began by parting off a small section of hair that I wanted to bleach, making sure it was the center of my hair’s swoop, and dabbed some castor oil on the surrounding hair that I didn’t want touched.

The directions on the back of the blue lightening powder advised that if I had relaxed or chemically straightened hair, I should go no higher than a Volume 10 developer. So, I didn’t. And went ahead and used the mixture but was left with this. cover

Yuck! Wtf is that?! I know! Apparently the black dye on my hair was struggling to lift which left me with a greenish hue and my virgin-to-color roots, a brassy gold. But with it being so late at night and me having to be up for work the next morning, I just slicked my hair back and tried to cover over my mistake the best that I could. I think I did a pretty damn good job. Nobody noticed!! 

Picture_8023118_mediumTestingAfter doing some research the next morning, I thought I’d try again but this time anteing up the volume of the developer as well as switching  to a powder I was more familiar with. In past instances, I’ve always used Volume 30 – 40 developers but wanted to play it safe this time around. I bought both Volume 30 & Volume 40 (of the same brand) and mixed them in individual cups with Clairol’s BW2 Powder Lightener. The image shows  a strand test with some of my old shedded hair I pulled from the bottom of my trash. I let it sit for about 20 mins and noticed them both turning colors but still leaving a greenish hue along with the blonde. Not wanting to risk my hair melting off my head, I went ahead and applied the volume 30 mixture but this time, I sat underneath my hooded dryer for about 20 minutes.


It lifted! Yes! The black was gone. And my hair didn’t melt away BUTTTT I was still left with stray spots of green hair and my roots were more of an orange -_- Talk about aggravating! I knew i definitely wasn’t going to try bleaching AGAIN (at least for now) so I thought of a much more gentle solution. How about a semi-permanent rinse?! It’ll cover the green temporarily as well as tone down the bright blonde.

I chose to use some of Clairol’s <— (Sheeshs! They’re just the queen of everything color!) Jazzings Temporary Hair Color I had laying around. I’m not too sure of the color since it was a mixture of 2 colors that I just put in one bottle about a year ago. But, I let that sit for 30 mins under my hooded dryer while I was watching Dance Moms and washed it out around 10pm. And here were the final results!!!!


Yaye! No more green!!!! I finished up by blow drying, flat ironing and giving my hair a well needed trim–focussing on my newly bleached addition. “I see you!! Haha”. Like I said before, I love the results and don’t regret doing it one bit. I now know I have to make sure I follow-up with my protein treatments, keep my hair moisturized at all times and to limit the use of heat especially on the front of my head. I won’t be touching up my roots until about a month or two after my next texlaxer. Oops! Oh and I forgot to mention, when I did this I was currently 5 weeks post! =)

Just a wrap-up, I ask you to kindly  1. Please NOT to tell me “the bleach is going to chew-out and break off my hair”. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now. 2. I shouldn’t be doing this especially since I’m relaxed. Or 3. I should go natural if I want to color my hair so much. Thanks all!

I hope you enjoyed & Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Hair Journey!

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    1. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair like Queen Latifa, it’s like a skin color(caramel) hair with some highlights !!
      But everybody say it is not safe because I’m relaxed. I wanna do it so bad!!!
      U just gave the strength to go ahead!!

      1. It’s all in the current health of your hair, how you go about coloring it and how you maintain! <3 Best of luck Jessy!

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