Hot Oil Treatment for Dry & Irritated Scalps [Shea Butter, Tea Tree + Coconut Oils]

May 14, 2015


Looking for a hot oil treatment for your dry and itchy scalp? Check this one out! This blog post was inspired by my boyfriend. Totally his idea, but me being the beauty guru that I try to be, I just helped him out while documenting the process. Haha! Enjoy =)

Let’s start with some benefits of the ingredients that will be used.
Shea Butter benefits:
•   Provides protection to the hair against the harmful free radicals in the air and water
•   Great for softening and revitalizing damaged and brittle hair
•   Highly effective in locking in moisture and aids in restoring lost moisture
•   Assists in soothing dry, flaky and irritated scalps

Tea Tree Oil benefits:
•   Known as one of the “best remedies to relieve the scalp from all problems”
•   Acts as an anti-fungal that kills the bacteria causing the over production of the skin cells
•   Treats dry scalp and dandruff
•   Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents also help to treat itchy scalp effectively

Coconut Oil benefits:
•   Conditions hair and promotes luster, shine and softness
•   Stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles
•   Reduces protein loss in a variety of types of hair
•   Nourishes dry hair and minimizes spit ends
•   Slows down the rate of hair loss

Here’s what you’ll need:1_edit
1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil [I purchase my Coconut Oil from my local Trader Joe’s]
2. 100% Natural Shea Butter
3. 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. *I like to make sure that the ONLY ingredient is Tea Tree oil as fillers and extra additives dilute the effectiveness of the Tea Tree oil.
A spoon *for scoopin’!
5. A microwaveable bowl or cup
6. A microwave (or stove top if you prefer)

Now let’s get started!
Step 1: Scoop your contents into your microwaveable bowl with your spoon. Since I was doing this treatment on my boyfriend’s hair, I didn’t need too much oil. But for my medium length hair, I would use about 5 teaspoons of Shea Butter, 3 teaspoons of Coconut Oil and 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil. 

Step 2: Heat the ingredients in your microwave for approximately 1 minute or until your Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are fully melted and no longer visibly solids3_edit

Step 3: Before applying directly to your scalp, ALWAYS be sure to test the oil’s temperature on your wrist. It’s better to be safe than sorry. =) You do not want to burn yourself with hot oil.
Step 4: Once the oil is at a suitable temperature, begin by applying to the whole of your scalp and making sure to saturate the strands of your hair from root to tip. If you find this way too messy, using an applicator bottle with a narrow tip works as well.

Step 5: While the oil is still warm on the scalp, massage for 5 minutes then cover your head with a plastic cap or plastic bag and sit for 20-25 minutes.
Tip: For a more intense treatment, after covering with a plastic cap, sit underneath a steamer or wrap your head with a warm towel for deeper penetration. The added heat with open up the hair’s cuticles allowing the oil to condition deeper.

Step 6: Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Step 7: Repeat once to twice per month. Both your hair and scalp will reap the benefits of doing hot oil treatments regularly!

I hope you enjoyed & thanks for stopping by!

Happy Hair Journey!

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– JodyAnnC


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